Bourse Culturelle Leenaards

Anna Egholm has recently been named as one of this year’s 8 winners of the Bourse Culturelle, annually handed out by the Leenaards Foundation in Switzerland.

This award is given to young talented artists in different domains: visual arts, music, acting, etc., and the winners are selected upon audition.

On this year’s jury panel were: Catherine Othenin-Girard, Jean-Marc Grob, Simon Lamunière, Eric Lavanchy, Eléonore Sulser, Jean-Jacques Roth, Michel Toman, Nathalie Pichard, and Stéphane Kropf.

Anna will as a result of this award receive 50.000 CHF, which will be used to further her career by attending masterclasses and participating in festivals and competitions.

Read more about Anna’s award here.